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IBCA, is an in-dependent think tank, research, forecasting and information service organisation based in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Los Angeles, USA.

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News ex-Press

Embassy News Service, Danish Press Today

NEWS ex-Press is an independent publication catering to an international audience that wishes to keep abreast of political, economic, security and business events and developments in Denmark.

NEWS ex-Press offers a résumé of the most significant morning news items as covered by the main Danish media. Subscribers have access to a unique intelligence tool in the form of the only archive of Danish news in English going back to 1997.


US Consumer Demand Indices

The private consumption expenditure in the USA is the absolutely largest motor in the World Economy. The US Consumer Demand Index predicts the developments in American consumer spending with a high degree of certainty.

The US Consumer Demand Index is differentiated from other indicators by its focus on actual behavior instead of ”impressions” or levels of confidence. It is based on direct information from households about their buying decisions, not on their expectations for generalized macro-economic conditions.